FERC Filings

RP14-1217 New System Implementation of Filing (8/29/14) (pdf format)

RP14-857 North Baja Filing in Response to Commission Order (5/12/14) (pdf format)

RP14-627 Proposed Tariff Revisions (03/19/14) (pdf format)

CP14-1-000 Abbreviated Application for 7(b) Authorization (10/4/13) (pdf format)

RP13-1259-000 Proposed Tariff Revisions (8/16/13) (pdf format)

RP13-1102-000 Compliance Filing to Order No. 776 Effective October 1, 2013 (7/25/13) (pdf format)

RP13-994-000-Tariff Revisions to Gas Quality and Measurement Provisions (06/24/13) (pdf format)

RP13-111-001 Compliance Filing to Implement NAESB 2.0 Standards (11/19/12) (pdf format)

North Baja RP13-111-000 Files to Implement NAESB 2.0 Standards (10-01-12) (pdf format)

North Baja RP11-2331-000 Annual Charge Adjustment (8/26/11) (pdf format)

North Baja RP11-0245-000 Updated Tariff Maps (4-27-11) (pdf format)

North Baja RP11-1945-000 Negotiated Rate Agreement Filing (3/31/11) (pdf format)

North Baja RP10-660-001 eTariff Compliance Filing (12/16/10) (pdf format)

North Baja RP10-660-000 Compliance Filing (10-7-10) (pdf format)

NB RP10-1165-000 NAESB Version 1.9 Tariff filing (9-1-10) (pdf format)

North Baja Tariff Filing (pdf format)

2008 FERC Form 567-Public (6-10-09) (pdf format)

RP09-689 NAESB 1.8-Request for Extension of Time (11-30-09) (pdf format)

RP10-___-000 Form of Service Agreements - Yuma Lateral (Lat-1) (1-19-10) (pdf format)

CP08-152-001 Amendment to Certificate Application - Yuma Lateral Project (2-4-10) (pdf format)

RP10- -000 Compliance Filing in Docket No. CP08-152-000 (2-4-10) (pdf format)

RP10- -000 Non-conforming Negotiated Rate Agreements Filing (2-4-10) (pdf format)

RP10- -000 NBP Housekeeping/Clean-Up Filing (3-25-10) (pdf format)

RP10-560-North Baja-Tariff Filing-Filed (3/31/10) (pdf format)

RP10-560 NBP Compliance Filing (6/1/10) (pdf format)

RP09-686 NBP Compliance Filing (NAESB 1.8) (6/1/10) (pdf format)

RP10- -000 Negotiated Rate Agreement Filing (6/1/10) (pdf format)

North Baja Pipeline, LLC - June 18, 2010, RP10-660-___ eTariff Baseline Compliance Filing (pdf format)

North Baja -RP10-818-__eTariff Filing Amendment (6/21/2010) (pdf format)

North Baja-RP10-797-__eTariff Filing Compliance (6/21/2010) (pdf format)

RP10-660-000 NBP Baseline Electronic Tariff Filing (4-28-10) (pdf format)

   Transmittal Letter

   Baseline Tariff