Download Page for Informational Postings

Download and Copy Instructions

The following directions assume the use of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. If using another commercial browser, please refer to the "Help" function for directions unique to your browser.

To Download one of the above documents without first opening it, please utilize your browser's "save as" functionality. This is accomplished by pointing to the selected hyperlink, clicking the right mouse button, and selecting the choice of "save target as" (Internet Explorer), or "save link as" (Netscape Navigator). The browser will then prompt you to name the file and select a destination path and directory.

To Copy a selected portion of the document, the document must first be open. Next, hold the left mouse button down and select the portion of the document to be copied. Once the selected portion is highlighted, hit the "Ctrl" and "C" keys, or click on "Edit" in the browser menu/tool bar, and select "Copy". The selected portion of the document will be stored to your clipboard and may be "pasted" into other documents using the appropriate commands for the application in use.