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North Baja Pipeline

The North Baja pipeline system consists of 86 miles of pipeline that receives natural gas from an interconnection with the El Paso Natural Gas Company (EPNG) pipeline at Ehrenberg, Arizona that sources natural gas primarily from the West Texas and Southern Rocky Mountain supply regions. North Baja has a design capacity of 500 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) for southbound transportation and 600 MMcf/d for northbound transportation. Due to the bi-directional capability modifications completed in April 2008, North Baja is also able to transport natural gas northbound at Ogilby, California, and receives natural gas sourced from the Energia Costa Azul (Costa Azul) LNG terminal in Mexico. In 2010, TC PipeLines, LP acquired the expansion facilities and contracts in place for an expansion of the North Baja pipeline from the Mexico/Arizona border to Yuma, Arizona (Yuma Lateral) which was placed in service in March 2010. TC PipeLines, LP owns 100 percent of North Baja and is operated by a subsidiary of TransCanada Corporation.


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